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Mro. Vincenzo Caruana SpiteriMy name is Vincenzo Caruana Spiteri. I was born at Luqa, Malta, on 4th May, 1896. After my primary and secondary education, I became a teacher. Eventually, I was appointed headmaster of Sannat Primary School in October 1921 and took up residence at Sannat. I succeeded in building a healthy relationship with the locals, the teachers and the students. My contribution to the village is related to both the educational and musical spheres.

I received my first musical education with the San Andrea Band at Hal Luqa. I continued my studies and eventually was appointed maestro di cappella in various churches in Malta. When I came to Gozo, I played in churches and with the Leone and La Stella Bands and became friends with Mro. Giuseppe Giardini Vella.

I composed many works for Sannat parish, my best work being the antiphone Veni Sponsa Christi, played for the first time on the 4th July, 1926. Many of these works are kept in the parish archives. I used to play the church organ every Sunday during High Mass, funerals and religious celebrations.

I started a girls’ choir to sing the Innu lil Santa Margerita on the feast day. I taught music to a number of boys, many of whom later joined Gozitan bands. I was involved also in the selection of the bells for the parish church. From 1927 onwards, on the insistence of the archpriest, I took over all musical activities related with the village feast. My music is still played nowadays during the feast days of Santa Margerita.

This monument, erected in my memory, is the work of Alfred Camilleri Cauchi, on the initiative of the Sannat Local Council. It was unveiled by the Dr. Guido de Marco, President of Malta, on the 23rd February, 2003.

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Monument Location Mro. Vincenzo Caruana Spiteri Monument Location

D Cocco Palmeri, Ta' Sannat, Malta
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