Inauguration of the Cittadella bronze model by the Minister of Gozo, Hon. Clint Camilleri.

The bronze model on top of the Visitors’ Centre at the Cittadella was initially made in plastic by Createit-studio through a previous 3D scan of the Cittadella which was carried out by Prof. Saviour Formosa from the Univ. of Malta. Once the artistic 3D model in plastic, of around 160cm squared, was printed, it was shipped to the Domus Dei Fonderia Artistica 1963 in Rome to be cast in bronze. The stone pedestal was made by the Restoration Unit and the Cittadella Administration Office workers, all within the Cultural Heritage Directorate. All throughout the process consultations were carried out both with SCH (Superintendence of Cultural Heritage) and with CRPD (Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability). The total cost was to the tune of €80,000.00.

Inscriptions on the sides of the monument include a short history of the Cittadella, in Maltese, English and in Braille, with the latter being carried out with the support of FITA (Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility).

From now on, the beauty of the Cittadella will no longer be withheld from those who are visually impaired. For everyone else, this model should be a thing of beauty in itself, something that will enhance the experience of any visit to the Cittadella.

The photos that follow show some of the various stages so that this monument could be made.

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