The Ravelin, on the main approach road into the Cittadella, the Gozo citadel, recently went through a restoration and rehabilitation process. The turf area at the top of the structure had to be eliminated since its watering system was creating serious damages throughout its surrounding walls  and to the Roman wall underneath which was revealed in the course of archaeological excavations. Waterproofing matting on a concrete bed and paving of the entire Ravelin with hard stone ensued. The last phase  includes restoration and maintenance of its outer walls. Due to the sensitivity of the site, all work was carried out with continuous consultation with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

Over time the strategic building of the Ravelin has been modified many times and is now barely distinguishable from the original one built by the Knights of St. John. It originally had eight embrasures, four on each face. The structure was built on the remains of medieval ruins.

This restoration on the Ravelin is a small part of a full maintenance and restoration programme that the Directorate for Cultural Heritage within the Ministry for Gozo carries out at the Cittadella throughout the year

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