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The musical benches, six in all, are placed at Villa Rundle in Victoria. One can sit on these benches, relax, press a button and listen to a torrent of music. There is some info on each bench in Maltese and English. For those with smart phones and tablets who may want to explore further, the benches have a QR code which can be scanned in order to gain access to more excerpts of music, information and photographs.

The six featured musical benches are:

  • DOMINIC GRECH (1950-2005) and THE TRAMPS
  • GĦANA and FREDU SPITERI il-Lavarist (1930-1965)
  • IL LEONE and LA STELLA Bands
  • JOSEPH VELLA (1942-2018) – composer and conductor
  • Mgr JOSEPH FARRUGIA tal-Vers (1852-1925) – composer and a man of arts
  • OPERA in Gozo

Map view Locations of the Musical Benches

List view List of the Musical Benches

Dominic Grech and The Tramps

Born in Victoria, Gozo, Dominic Grech, took part in local festivals and his first vocal group was The Rosebells. Later, he formed a beat group by the name of Gemini 5 until in the mid-60’s he founded The Tramps. The Tramps  made its first studio…
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Għana and Fredu Spiteri il-Lavarist

Għana, Malta’s quintessential music tradition, has passed down orally from one generation to the next for centuries. The UNESCO inscription in 2021 recognised Għana as a rhymed expression in Maltese, both a cappella and with Għana guitar music.
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Il Leone and La Stella Bands

Wind bands in the Maltese islands have always been closely related with the town or village festas that are organised every week during summer. The playing of wind instruments in the Gozo festas goes back to at least mid-18th century when…
Villa Rundle Gardens, Triq Ninu Cremona, Victoria, Malta
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Joseph Vella – composer and conductor

Born in the heart of Gozo’s capital, Victoria on 9 January 1942, Joseph Vella is considered to be the leading and internationally most widely played Maltese contemporary composer. His music has been regularly performed in prestigious cities/venues across the world (New…
Villa Rundle Gardens, Triq Ninu Cremona, Victoria, Malta
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Mgr Joseph Farrugia tal-Vers – composer and a man of arts

Undoubtedly, the best achievements of Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia, by far a formidable all-rounder, were in the musical field. The great majority of Farrugia’s compositions, and the best, are without any shadow of doubt sacred and vocal. Farrugia generally uses either…
Villa Rundle Gardens, Triq Ninu Cremona, Victoria, Malta
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Opera in Gozo

Due to its geographical position, Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, has come under a considerable influence of Italian culture, opera in particular. As early as 1631 a number of artists, including singers and musicians…
Villa Rundle Gardens, Triq Ninu Cremona, Victoria, Malta
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